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A fireplace is often the center of attention when you enter a living room. Hence, the design details of the fireplace are important and it will help with the definition of the mood and style of your space –whether formal or casual. The key elements that you should take into consideration when including or updating a fireplace to your home are its mantel design, hearth, the surround and the fuel source. Below are some timeless design ideas for fireplace additions that you can consider for your fireplace!

Limestone mantel

Construct a cast limestone mantel with detailed carvings over a fireplace. Throw in other interior elements such as hand-painted wall tiles, decorative cabinetry, rustic beams, carved stone and marble will give your room a Country French style look. Cast limestone mantel needs to be handled with care during installation.

Oak mantel with stone and granite surround

Construct the fireplace wall with a ledger stone façade and fashion the hearth with granite tiles. Build a deep oak mantel to fit the stone and granite surround. You may install a gas fueled fireplace insert with a brick interior that operates with a remote control device.

Stained wood mantel and quartz surround

Quartz and granite are frequently used as fireplace surrounds and hearths. Construct the fireplace surround and hearth with Cambria “Windermere” quartz. Build a stained wood mantel to fit the quartz surround which will also match cherry furniture in the room.

White painted fireplace mantel with brick surround and cast iron stove insert

Construct a cast iron stove insert for the fireplace with a white painted mantel. Build a brick surround for an extra touch of color to match the insert. Add a custom built shelf and wood bin to store supplies for the stove.

Brick fireplace with hidden television

Construct a traditional brick fireplace with a wood mantel and surround. Build a television panel directly above the fireplace that houses a flat screen television. The television may be hidden by a piece of artwork when not in use.

White painted fireplace mantel with flat screen television above

Nowadays, flat screen televisions are taking over the prime location above the fireplace mantel that once was ruled by art paintings traditionally. Hence, fireplaces today are often installed on the wall of a room that can also be an optimal location for television viewing. Wires will be built hidden out of sight. Construct an oversized mantel painted in white with a gas fireplace insert. Build a granite tile hearth and surround. Place the flat screen television over the white mantel.

Masonry fireplace

Construct a two sided, unique masonry wood-burning fireplace. Build an additional firebox and incorporate it into the chimney to have an outdoor entertainment area.

Adobe fireplace

Adobe is a type of building material often used in areas that receive little rainfall. It is a form of brinks made from sun-dried clay. Authentic, traditional adobe fireplaces are usually built to fit into the corner of a room. Construct a gas fireplace into the corner of your room then build up with plaster or adobe bricks for the surround of the fireplace.

Outdoor fireplace

With an outdoor fireplace, you will get to use the living space outside your house for longer periods throughout the year. Construct a composite deck with a custom fireplace built with a cultured stone surround. You may wish to include a wood-burning pizza oven so that you can have your own pizza parties all year round.

Should you choose to go for a limestone fireplace mantel, it will definitely wow every guest that enters your home. To let your dream fireplace materialize, you can contact our designers and crafters at Stone Creations today!

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