Stone Creations offers a unique collection of antique, reclaimed and hand-crafted architectural elements such as fireplace mantels, floor pavers, stone window moldings and sills and stone door surrounds. We import antique terracotta tiles for floors and roofing, as well as top quality slate roof-tiles. Many years of collaboration with suppliers permits Stone Creations to assure our quality and bid competitively on large shipments.In classical Greek and Roman times, limestone was used in the construction of public buildings such as amphitheaters, cathedrals, palaces and other locations of civic importance as well as for creating prestigious works of art including statues, sculpted fountains and monumental columns. The fact that these structures still exist and are considered beautiful today, even after centuries of weathering, is a testament to the longevity and durability of limestone. This is another reason that limestone is an ideal construction material for modern homes and why it creates an excellent finish for walls and floors as well as fireplace mantels, corbels and kitchen-hood surrounds. Limestone is well able to withstand fluctuations in temperature, climate conditions and the sometimes heavy wear and tear of every-day modern use. Our experienced stone carvers know how to help you select the right stone for the job and how to work with the limestone to enhance its inherent beauty and ensure that its naturally-textured neutral tones and striations add elegance to any type of architectural structure or room, whether clean-cut, contemporary or more traditional.

One of our most versatile products is the elegant stone moldings that we can custom create for our clients, in contemporary or traditional profiles. Combining natural stone veneer with stone window moldings, door surrounds, keystones and cornerstones is a cost effective way to enhance and add value to a front entry or building façade in new or remodel construction. With our strict quality control procedures you can rest assured that you will receive nothing but the best in consultation, design and execution. The Stone Creations team will be available to you throughout the process and will be able to respond quickly and accurately to any question or concern that you, or your Architect or Contractor, may have.

Our French terra cotta floor tiles, or Parefeuilles, are as varied in hue as the reclaimed roof tiles imported from the same regions of Southern France. Both were hand made by artisans over a century ago. Both bring the antique charm and warm Mediterranean tones of historical buildings of Provence and Tuscany. Stone Creations has trusted connections with several suppliers with whom we have done business for decades. We are able to request photos and special color preferences to fulfill specific customer preferences. Orders can be shipped directly to customer projects or unloaded for inspection at our Redwood City warehouse. We also usually have some inventory on hand.

Stone Creations’ team of expert professionals has the experience to properly design a full range of architectural elements. We understand that the natural limestone elements that we create are intended to complement your home’s architecture, not outshine it. We will spend all of our collective ability making sure that we provide you with the best way to accent the features of your home effectively and to your perfect satisfaction.