Architectural elements are constantly evolving and modern technology has pushed the materials that are used and their assembly methods to greater heights. The only way to stay true to the process of this evolution is to produce an authentic architectural element of the current time. Unfortunately, some architectural elements linger around for too long after being superseded by newer methods of doing things. In this article, you will learn the top elements that should be taken out from one’s list of considerations as well as workarounds to help you retain a possibly outdated architectural element.

Double-hung windows

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Though containing some form of romanticism, this type of window has already been considered by many as historic as it depends heavily on counter-weights that will be buried within your walls. Today, there are various lighter versions that have escaped the need to use of the aforementioned counter-weights. However, they still keep blundering mechanics that cause owners to open the window by its racking whilst battling gravity. What’s more, if a user applies multiple coats of paint onto such windows, it is likely there will be more inconveniences during its service. Also, nine-light windows and double-hung windows never go well together.


Quoins are known as corner blocks that are made from solid stone to enhance the visual aspect of the corners of a particular building or your home in this case. Some individuals felt that it is nothing more than an element that brings in a sense of nostalgia. Today, there are many modern variations of the aforementioned. For example, some quoins can be applied via a Styrofoam that comes with a peel and stick function. Afterwards, it is painted with a different color to create a better impression as well as reinforce your home’s structural presence.

Eyebrow dormers

Eyebrow dormers give clear indications of an undesirable architectural trend in today’s context. Other than the problem with its aesthetic appeal, some homeowners may have dormers that were improperly constructed. Poorly built dormers exposes one’s home to leaks and contribute to expensive repairs in worst cases.

Mansard roofs

In the past, Mansard or Gambrel roofs were designed to balance out the appearances of huge, monumental buildings. They were used to ensure that the building’s base, middle and cap were appropriately proportioned. Hence, applying Mansard roofs to the residence of an American family may feel out of place or affect the structure’s scale. Also, it may not create the visual harmony that you seek. Do not fret though if you insist to go with this type of roof, you can consider installing terracotta or any slate roof tiles to stay relevant with architectural trends in 2015.

Decorative shutters

Decorative shutters are known as ornamental panels that will be permanently mounted to the exterior walls on either side of your windows and they do not shut. Homeowners who are planning to install such shutters must ensure that their sizes must correlate to the window. What’s more, wooden decorative shutters on one end are susceptible to humid environments and may warp easily as a result.

Knee braces

During the early 1900s, knee braces were also widely used to beautify one’s home apart from its main functionality. However, framings done by modern structural engineers have replaced the need for these exterior mounted supports and better materials were introduced.

There are certainly many ways to boost the appearance of your home’s architectural elements, and one of them that is always trending for instance, is selecting carefully handcrafted limestone fireplace mantels to beautify your interiors. Additionally, you can also look to enhance your window sills or door surrounds with our versatile stone collections. All in all, if you want to custom create elegant stone moldings, we are able to fulfill your needs at Stone Creations.

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