Gone are the days when fireplaces were merely additions in a home with heavy metal or brick surrounds. Elegantly designed limestone fireplace mantels that stylishly match different styles of decor in homes are the trend nowadays. That being said, interior designs and decorations form a critical part of an entire home enhancement project, and that many homeowners perform on a regular basis. In this case, designing homes that feel and look precisely the way we want them has continued to fuel our country’s ever growing creative design industry.

What if a homeowner is looking for something a little bit different?

For homeowners in the process of remodeling or redecorating the interiors of their homes, or any other properties for that matter, a great way to make certain that the rooms will have a real wow factor is to include a superbly designed and hand carved stone fireplace mantel. This feature will not only be a fantastic focal point for any given home, but that will also stand the test of time. Custom-made stone firestone mantels designed by experienced designers and installed by expert masons are worth your time and investment. Here are some of the most notable benefits of magnificently designed limestone fireplace mantels.

Ethicality and spirit

fireplace ec30b90620 640   Stone Carving

Beauty and appearance, while important, are not the only notable merits of a quality fireplace mantel. You might also be interested to know that natural stone fireplace mantels are also ethically sound. The limestone used to make these kinds of fireplace features is sourced and quarried from the best quarries around the country.

The resulting products from these quarries have proven to be far more ethically sound and pleasing than those that come from cheap imported limestone. Moreover, this provenance just adds to the feeling of superiority created by natural stone mantels as opposed to the soulless and bland reconstituted limestone surrounds that come from foreign sources.

Individuality and craftsmanship

Natural limestone mantels are truly unique and there are no two that look the same. Each and every one of these is fully bespoke and is hand crafted based on a homeowner’s personal preferences as opposed to the mass produced options, which are often cheaper, widespread and quite identical to each other. Mass produced types of stone mantels aren’t recommended for homeowners looking to make a statement.

Apart from assuring individuality, natural stone mantels are professionally hand crafted to give them an effortless appearance of quality. This feature only comes with mantels that are hand made by truly experienced expert artisans and not those that have been mass manufactured in a factory.

The durability aspect

As if the attention-grabbing beauty and appearance of the natural stone fireplace mantel were not enough, this decor enhancing fireplace feature actually improves over time. In actual sense, limestone perfectly weathers over time, giving a gorgeous and distinctive appearance for years to come. Apart from being an obvious benefit in that it guarantees the long term attractiveness and striking nature of any fireplace, it is also an important feature that can prove to be a shrewd long term investment and a great addition to any room.

All in all, since a fireplace is likely to be located in a living room or the main gathering spot in a home, all homeowners want it to looking nice. This implies opting for high quality materials for features such as mantels. Limestone is a perfect material for a fireplace mantel since it offers you a solid and durable surface that is able to perfectly withstand heat and heavy utilization. Best of all, handcrafted limestone mantels are stain resistant, easy to clean and excellently enhances a home’s decor.

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