The kitchen, being the heart of your home, should by all means meet the standards which you have set as a homemaker. It should comprise not only of the physical set-up, design or theme, electrically and manually-operated kitchen gadgets but also must constitute basic necessities to allow you to make the most out of the area.

One investment is a kitchen range hood and its surrounds. This is actually one of the most vital appliances in the kitchen because it captures and eliminates polluted air brought about by food preparation and cooking and grease accumulation. Heat, steam and odor can be sucked out thus maintaining quality air in your kitchen. This structure in your kitchen is very useful but its function is not limited to that.

It can also serve as a decorative fixture without defeating its purpose. In fact, kitchen range hood surrounds can be a focal point in your kitchen, whatever your decor style is. Here are some options to give you insights on the different choices for kitchen range hood surrounds.

Timber cabinetry

Using timber for your kitchen range hood surrounds is a very good choice since you can easily adjust its color to match other kitchen amenities. It can also be uncolored to provide a warm and natural appeal. With a lot of timber varieties to choose from, Rosewood and Teak can offer timeless touch to any kitchen range. Tasmanian Oak and Australian Cypress are also excellent choices as they can be easily matched with other timber pieces in the kitchen. If timber is your choice, see to it that it is treated prior to installation to make sure that it does not carry wood-dwelling pests.

Plaster hood

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This type of range hood surrounds lack functionality compared to the other options. It may require lots of plaster works which makes it tedious for the workers. It does not offer extra storage space to either side of the structure. Overall, it is also attractive and offers additional elegance to a kitchen.

French country style

Hand-crafted stainless steel and copper can make your kitchen look tailor-made according to your preference. Its simplicity can provide grandeur and drama to a kitchen. This type provides a rustic touch as provided by its rich steel and copper built-up.

Insert type

Insert types are best suited for kitchens where space is limited. This can be easily hidden in between cabinets when not needed. It may not be as elegant looking compared to the other choices but it will definitely offer more space to areas where area is limited.

Stone range surround

A stone range surround provides much emphasis and drama not only to your kitchen range but to your kitchen as well. It may be expensive considering its price and time to be consumed in placing it but it will surely give an impressive effect to your kitchen. Several natural stone materials can be used for this such as marble, Travertine, Granite and Limestone. Stone range surround makes the kitchen and adjacent areas more pleasant to be in when having formal dinners with friends and relatives thus, giving more value to your kitchen. Why settle for less when this can instantly transform your kitchen into a signature note?

Cast stone

This option is advantageous over natural stone for the reason that it is less expensive, and application requires less effort. Paying attention to detail, it is much easier to mount because it weighs lighter compared to natural stone. It is a fraction of the weight of marble and structural engineering is not required. Unlimited design and styling options can be achieved in less time thereby allowing you to save some amount.

Now that you have known your options for kitchen range hood surrounds, what are you waiting for? It is about time you invest in one!

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