The design of fireplace mantels, or the ornamental frames around the brick or stone surrounding the firebox, should complement with the style of your home. In conventional settings, fireplace mantels had additional woodwork that is commonly referred to as over-mantel, just above the shelf. However, if your home was constructed or remodeled after World War II, then your fireplace might have a plain brickwork mantel. This offers you with a black slate to select a mantel look and design of your liking, so long as it fits the size and style of the room. Out of the different mantel options, custom limestone fireplace mantels are highly favored because of the sophisticated look they create.

Getting custom limestone fireplace mantels

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With custom limestone fireplace mantels, you get the most design flexibility you can ever wish for. Custom fireplace mantels are carved out of natural stone. There are a number of specialty shops that can do a perfect job where carving out of natural stones to come up with custom limestone fireplace mantels is concerned.

Limestone carving experts in these shops either create a mantel that matches the existing framework of the fireplace with the input from the homeowner or work with an architect’s drawings to come up with something unique but that matches the style of a home. In either case, these experts also take care of the installation as well.

Advantages of custom limestone mantels

Limestone is a strong and long lasting material, meaning that mantels made out of it will outlast the homeowner. Mantels carved out of limestone are much more long lasting compared to any of a do-it-yourself aficionado’s other projects by a huge margin. Apart from this, the workmanship of custom fireplace mantels provides a room with a unique focal point that undoubtedly suggests a quality finish.

Choosing a perfect painting for complement your custom limestone fireplace mantels

You have just acquired a perfect painting to hang over your custom limestone fireplace mantel. The paintings warrant the spot since it adds to the focal point of your space. Not only does the piece pull out the colors of the room’s décor, the subject is something you really love and enjoy. To improve the appearance of your natural stone fireplace mantel so as to get an optimal view, it is important to place the painting in the right spot.

Your chosen painting and its frame must enhance the décor of the room. For instance, if your room is conventional in style, refrain from opting for a sleek, dusky frame. If you have a bright red brick wall above your limestone mantel, opt for paintings that consist of colors that complement the red brick.

Colors opposite on the color wheel will make your painting piece to stand out more. Apart from style and color, scale might also be a concern. Although the size of the mantel should not dictate the size of your painting, you do not want an extra small or too large a painting over a standard limestone fireplace mantel. Nevertheless, strategically placed candles, vases, flowers, and the like can conveniently take care of the extra space around the mantel.

All in all, custom limestone fireplace mantels whether jutting out from natural stone fireplace walls or simply surrounding a basic fireplace can be an excellent focal point in any space. Stylish and rustic, limestone is a natural stone that is apt to remain attractive and solid for many decades to come. Best of all, when a custom limestone mantel no longer suits the current design plan, you do not have to remove the stone – a few coats of the right kind of paint will restore and transform the mantel beyond anyone’s expectations.

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