The limestone is a durable and heavy type of stone that is popular in the building industry. The limestone has been used for hundreds of years, thus becoming a common building material as limestone pavers in every worldwide market. It is also featured in many different and interesting ways in various historical sites thus making its longevity more than obvious at a global level. The main proof of its longevity is represented by the age of numerous applications and sites where the limestone has been used. The limestone has even been used back in the 17th century as it can be seen in the case of the beautiful limestone pavers at Select Stone.

Limestone applications

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As mentioned, limestone is very commonly used in numerous architectural applications in the world. It contributes to an attractive landscape design and modern day applications in the form of limestone pavers include buildings, patios, courtyards, walkways, pool decks and even roads.

The limestone is not only common in the case of large scale applications outdoor but also for small applications indoor such as using it for fireplaces, countertops and interesting mantels. You can even use limestone paving stones for your flooring material needs.

Beautiful and versatile

In terms of benefits, it is useful to mention the fact that the limestone is loved for its natural beauty. If what you need is to create something with a beautiful design, then the limestone is the perfect material for you. Beauty is thus its most important advantage.

Another important benefit is that it comes in a great range of natural colors and interesting shades that make it versatile and easy to use in various situations. You have numerous options available which makes it easier for you to take advantage of your own creativity and use the limestone as your number one building material.

You will also be pleased to discover that the limestone is an advantageous material also because it can be cut to various sizes so as to fit your custom applications. You can also find it in standard sizes too, of course.

Durable and easy to maintain

Another great advantage of the limestone is its durability. The limestone is heavy and substantial as a material thus giving your flooring the quality and solidity it needs for becoming a successful building project. It is also easy to maintain because it is porous, so water can drain through it and that is why it was earlier mentioned that it is widely used for pool decks. If you use it as a fireplace mantel material, it does not collect dust as much as other materials ad all it needs is a fast wipe with a wet cloth.

Limestone costs

Now that you have discovered all there is to know about the use of limestone in building projects, you might wonder about its costs. Well, it is more expensive than other paving materials but this is due to its solid weight. Sometimes, the costs come higher because it is more expensive to ship it to various destinations as well.

It might be more expensive but its advantages outweigh the costs involved. Long term results are always the ones that should be considered and if what you want is a beautiful design and lasting durability then using limestone pavers would be a perfect choice.

All in all, you can easily see just how important the limestone is in the paving industry. It is the most important source of lime for cement and one of the most valuable materials in the world so talk to your contractor about using limestone pavers and be amazed by the results!

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