A window can be made more beautiful by a molding placed over it or around it. The moldings that go around the window frame are also referred to as casings. Window casings play a unique role in blocking cold air from accessing the house and that is why their installation is mostly outside so they can effectively seal the window frame. Window moldings bring out a final change to window installation. Depending on the molding used in a particular room, the window moldings will generally complement them to bring out a more cohesive look. Everyone has a different window molding taste and as such, the types of window moldings vary. Here are some of the types of window moldings that you may consider.

High profile window molding

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For this particular type of window casing, you will find a variety of options. You may desire to have high-profile window molding surrounding the entire window or stylishly sitting as a pediment above the window. The good part is that you will find many window molding companies offering ready-made composite or plastic materials that portray a perfect layer-molding look without the need of carpentry skills. Combination of this one-piece casing beefs up the look of the window as it appears particularly fitting on most classic homes that incorporate Victorian or traditional styles.

Modern window molding

These will always match the color of the wood or the material of the entire window. They are invariably minimal and clean-lined making them ideal for blending in as compared to standing out. They do well in focusing on simplification with a stylish and sophisticated while enhancing clutter-free living.

Traditional window molding

The one distinctive thing about traditional window moldings is their design. They usually lie flat against the exterior and interior walls and mostly suit older homes. Mostly, they are made up of a single layer of wood and work best in bringing out simplicity just like some of the low-profile window moldings. For instance, it may bring out a decorative and sweet fluted column design that flanks the window frame.

Complete window molding

Essentially, these moldings surround the entire frame of the windows. You can have a number of designs such as simple layer molding or multiple layers that are usually made up of stacked moldings. These stacked moldings perfectly trim out the window if you choose to go for multilayer-layered window molding. The outcome is a more appealing, decorative, stylish and elegant design for your home windows. For the interior moldings, they inevitably complement the home d├ęcor irrespective of the layer-type.

Low-profile window molding

This type of window molding focuses on functionality rather than the appearance. It lays flat against the siding of the interior and exterior part of the house. In the interior, it offers a finished look and ties the window to the house in a visually appealing manner. Moreover, it also keeps cold air from entering the house hence improving warmth.

The type of window molding you choose determines the kind of appearance your home will have in the exterior and interior. A wide variety of styles for moldings exists and finding a good one may be challenging. Worry not about finding the right kind because as soon as you walk into a window molding company, you will get great ideas that will match your home appearance. The other thing that you need to consider is the maintenance of the window molding. Actually, the type of window molding and the material used will determine the level of maintenance needed for good condition. Window moldings from limestone are perfect and do not require much maintenance though it is advisable to clean it occasionally.

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