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One of the little joys of summer is being able to spend some time with your friends outdoors. In case you don’t have a backyard where you can kick back and relax, rest assured you can still enjoy the wonderful weather outside. The solution for those who live in an apartment or condo is to focus on their balcony and its décor. In the following article, we will show you how you can transform your balcony into a Mediterranean paradise using reclaimed French Terra Cotta tiles.

Find a design you truly like

Even though you have always dreamed of spending your summer days in a wide exterior garden, rest assured that the right decorations could transform your balcony into a nice relaxing area where you can feel just as cozy. Don’t forget that the decorations, furniture and accessories along with the floors and walls are the items that can completely change the look and feel of your balcony.

Highly appreciated for their warmth and beauty, the French Terra Cotta tiles are indispensable to a truly Mediterranean look. Not only that, but the reclaimed tiles add a touch of elegance and have what it takes to make your balcony’s décor truly unique. Therefore, browse the internet and various home décor magazines to find a Mediterranean design suitable for the size and shape of your balcony.

Arrange the reclaimed French Terra Cotta tiles

Once you decide on the design and the most fitting decorations for the task, it’s time to place the tiles. In general, it’s advisable to start laying the tiles starting in one of the corners. After you place the first tile and secure it with adhesive, repeat the process for all remaining tiles, positioning them in the pre-established direction. Take note that you should use spacers between the tiles to ensure you leave an even space between them. In case you reach an area where a tile doesn’t fit, then you will have to adjust it with a stone cutting wheel.

When the adhesive is dry, you can apply the pre-sealer and the grout in the lines between the tiles. Take note that French Terra Cotta tiles work best with a medium to thick mortar bed, depending on the thickness of the tiles. In addition, you should apply priming oils to lock in volatile components, while preventing surface efflorescence at the same time.

On a side note, if you’re looking for a perfect Mediterranean décor for your balcony, then consider contacting a professional for this task. A licensed contractor does not only have the suitable tool to finely cut the delicate French Terra Cotta tiles, but he also has experience with the installation.

Add the other decorations

After you allow the French Terra Cotta tiles to rest and adhere for a couple of days, you can safely add the other decorations into your balcony. Regardless of the table and chairs, plants and other accessories you want to include into the décor, keep in mind that a true Mediterranean look entails using no more than three colors.

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