Kitchen range hood surrounds are all distinctly personal and uniquely attractive to suit different cooking lifestyles in kitchens. And regardless of whether you are an avid cook or a novice cook, you are likely to use the kitchen range several times a day. In many cases, the decision on how to select a type that can perfectly suit the style of your kitchen and your cooking lifestyle could be a daunting task. So to help you, here are the top tips for selecting range hood surrounds for your kitchen.

1. Assess your cooking lifestyle before the selection:

The number of times you use the kitchen to cook in a day or a week should be used to guide you select a range hood that perfectly suits your cooking lifestyle. For example, for people who only cook small meals a few times during the week, a cabinet mounted kitchen range is ideal for their lifestyle. If you love sautéing, frying or boiling food, then it is recommended that you opt for a higher-end professional range hood or surround.

2.The amount of available space:

If your cooker is situated in a kitchen island with no cabinetry above, go for a range hood with an exposed shaft. If situated on a wall, it also should have an exposed shaft. This type of a range can also be designed into a unique architectural feature as per your personal tastes or preferences. The amount of horizontal or vertical space available should however dictate your options when it comes to buying kitchen range hood surrounds or even the range itself.

3.Determine where the range hood will vent to:

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Range hoods normally vent to the inside or the outside. The most beneficial venting option is the outside venting as it directs the smoke and moisture to the outside of your kitchen. However, in a number of scenarios, outside venting is not an option. For example, multi-story homes do not offer the option to vent option for obvious reasons. The best venting option in this case is the inside venting as it helps to filter out smells and odors from the kitchen’s interiors. This venting option however makes it possible for moisture to circulate back to the kitchen. With time, this greatly affects the finish of your kitchen’s interiors.

4.Select a décor style that suits your kitchen:

The majority of range hood styles come in modern low and sleek profile models that elaborate architectural enclosures that are hidden behind wall features. So it is recommended that you take your time and look through a number of options to find a kitchen range hood surround that suits your decorative tastes. For contemporary kitchens, it is recommended to opt for minimum detailing. For conventional and ornately designed kitchens, opt for a range hood surround that can be used a focal point in the kitchen. To get inspiration, it is recommended that you look though online magazines with home décor ideas and options.

5.Seek the advice of a professional when selecting a range hood surround for your kitchen.

Although you might have some knowledge on how to choose a range hood for your kitchen, seeking the advice of a professional in the selection is advisable. He will help you make a final selection decision and answer any question you might have. A good place to these professionals is online or at your local home improvement stores. If your kitchen is the more elaborate type, it is recommended that you hire a kitchen designer to help you out in range hood surround selection.

Similar to buying a new appliance for your kitchen, a range hood surround purchase should be well thought. And like mentioned above, your decorative and cooking lifestyle should guide your final selection decision.

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