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Limestone pavers are popularly used in residential areas to add natural beauty to the compound. Limestone is a natural stone found in caves and in ocean beds. It is naturally beautiful and durable which makes it the preferred raw material for making pavers. Limestone pavers can be used both indoors and outdoors to compliment and add beauty to the compound.

1. Color variety

These pavers come in different colors and shades. This variety allows one to choose the natural color that will compliment and add beauty to the compound. They range from dark colors to bright colors. Different companies have different shades of these pavers on sale. They also come in different patterns giving one a large variety to choose from. These patterns can also be customized for a client upon request.

2. Different shapes

Limestone pavers are also available in different shapes and sizes. There are square shaped and rectangular shaped pavers. They can also be custom made upon request. This is a main benefit of limestone as a preferred stone for pavements. Limestone is also consistent which makes it possible to cut into equal perfect pieces for paving.

3. Versatility

Limestone pavers are not only used in residential areas but in public and commercial places as well. Its versatility makes it a preferred option for many. They can be used to build patios, walkways, verandas, pool areas, stepping stones, landscapes, driveways and courtyards. This versatility makes them a better option in the market.

4. Durability

Limestone pavers are dense, heavy and durable. Limestone is strong and heavy making it a good material for making pavers in commercial buildings, historical sites and residential compounds. Limestone can survive in harsh weather and last a very long time compared to other materials. They are not damaged easily and once they are, it is easy to repair them.

5. Temperature stability

Limestone pavers regulate temperature both indoors and outdoors by reducing the concentration of solar heat creating a cool environment. Depending on their color, they can either reflect light or retain it in a cold environment. This is especially helpful when used in public spaces and commercial environments where large numbers of people go to everyday.

6. Easy maintenance

Limestone pavers are easy to maintain. They can be swept or cleaned using water and dried by the sun’s heat making them perfect for the outdoor paving. The rain also helps keep them clean and so there is little maintenance to be carried out.

7. Cost effective

Limestone pavers are often chosen because they are cost effective when compared to the cost of solid stone. It is cheaper to use limestone pavers for flooring rather than using solid stone. This low cost makes them the preferred material for flooring indoors and outdoors in public places as well as in private residential homes.

These characteristics of limestone pavers make them perfect for indoor and outdoor paving. They are beautiful, come in different shapes, can be used in different places, they are durable, they regulate heat, they are easy to maintain and they are cost effective.

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