In European countries, French terra cotta tiles are quite prevalent. Their popularity can easily be compared to the popularity of wood floors in North America. Reclaimed French terra cotta tiles have superior strength and durability and they are usually far better than the mass-produced tiles commonly sold in Asian or African countries.

What is the well-kept secret behind extended durability of European tiles, to be more precise, French terra cotta tiles? Well, these are usually hand-made terra cotta tiles that actually last a few generations. Among all the varieties of reclaimed terra cotta tiles that are popular across Europe, French terra cotta tiles are the most sought-after. Why is that?

The popularity of reclaimed French terra cotta tiles in the US and Europe

French reclaimed terra cotta tiles are primarily chosen by home owners and builders for the unmatched beauty and durability of the tiles. However, many history-loving consumers choose this product just because the technicalities related to terra cotta tile manufacturing are all the same as they were about 100 years ago. The product used to be handcrafted in French farmhouses and Chateau almost a century ago and the process of manufacturing is still the same. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Caveats against installation of reclaimed European tile installation

Many avid homeowners and builders know that authentic French reclaimed terra cotta tiles are really hard to find these days. Mixing lots is often recommended by some builders, which results in variation of size, color and thickness of the tiles. However, the real beauty of real French terra cotta tiles is in the harsh texture, which can be achieved by mixing lots.

The tiles have a vintage look and are subtly elegant. A lot of hard work and craftsmanship goes into the manufacturing process. Different types of thicknesses and textures can be achieved with the right technique and with the right use of materials. Also, do not go for products that are ‘near equivalents’ of French reclaimed terra cotta tiles. These are of no real good. They lack the texture and the vintage feel.

Salient advantages of reclaimed terra cotta tiles

Terra cotta is a natural choice for home builders and owners when it comes to building fire and water resistance. It is lighter than stone, and at the same time, more durable and beautiful than stone.

These materials can be glazed using modern techniques. Glazing and spraying can increase the product’s durability. Terra cotta tiles are also available in a wide variety of finishes and colors. Some of the variants look like stone or metal patina.

Terra cotta tiles are quite inexpensive. These are much cheaper than the regular ceramic flooring materials and these are usually imported from Mexico or France. Natural terra cotta tiles are hand-made and fired. Machine made terra cotta tiles have a more natural texture.

Reclaimed French terra cotta tiles are even more popular among homeowners just because they are outstandingly beautiful due to their age. These are salvaged from French farmhouses and chateau and these can be found with a select few providers in the US. If you want to bring that bucolic and old world ambience in your home, reclaimed French terra cotta tiles will be a great choice. Terra cotta installation is quite easy and you could just reach out to a pro in your area to give your home a vintage look.

As a final note, you should be aware of the counterfeit terra cotta tiles from manufacturers and sellers that make false claims and promises. Buy terra cotta tiles only from a manufacturer or builder that has its proven experience in reclaimed French terra cotta tiling and a solid market reputation.

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