Keeping your home clean is your responsibility if you want your home to look presentable, new and refreshing for longer. Some people are under the assumption that if you use natural materials such as limestone or wood, you keep the cleaning and maintenance routine to a minimum. It is advisable to keep cleaning processes as regular routine processes so that your home stays in a good condition for longer. Cleaning should extend from the floors and walls to the furniture and fixtures. If you have special pieces such as limestone sills, they require more care than your other regular pieces.

Limestone is a naturally occurring stone that is used to make pieces for the bathroom and kitchen. However, modern homes have incorporated the use of limestone in other areas such as interior d├ęcor pieces and windowsills. Keeping limestone sills clean is good for them since they will stay in a good condition for a long time. It also improves the aesthetic value of your home.

Cleaning limestone requires special attention so that you can refrain from ruining its beauty. If you have limestone window sills, the following is a guide on how to keep them clean and spotless.

Sweep dust and debris from the window sills first
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Natural stone windowsills are mostly installed outside although you can still install them inside. This is due to their resilience and natural beauty. They are resistant to weather damage, staining and cracking. However, they attract a lot of dirt because of exposure to the outdoors. You can use a soft brush to sweep away layers of dust and debris from the window sills.

Make sure to sweep in the corners as well as in the grout lines and get all the solid waste away from them. When sweeping the exterior of the limestone window sills, keep the windows closed to prevent dirt from settling inside the building. Open the windows when sweeping the inside so that the dust can escape through the windows as you let in clean air.

Clean the sills with water and soap

Mix one tablespoon of liquid soap with one quart of warm water in a bucket. Make sure that the soap is mild so that it does not cause abrasion or bleaching on your natural stone. Alternatively, you can use recommended natural stone cleaning products from your hardware store. Use a sponge to scrub the window sills gently with the solution until you remove all visible dirt. Use clear water and a sponge to rinse out the soap.

How to remove stains from limestone sills

Sometimes your window sills can have stains from spills, rainwater, animal poop, and others. You can remove the stains without ruining the natural composition of the limestone. First, you need to determine the nature of the stain so that you know how to remove it. If it does not come off when you first use water and soap, then it requires special removal tips. Fortunately, hydrogen peroxide is good for removing stains in from both organic and inorganic sources. Make sure that you consult a professional on how to mix it so that you do not go beyond 12% hydrogen peroxide.

Using strong hydrogen peroxide requires care and skills. Make sure that you seek professional advice so that you know how to use it safely. For oily stains, acetone works better than hydrogen peroxide.

Buff the window sills with a dry towel for a shiny finish

Once you have rinsed the water off the limestone, you can splash a mixture of bleach and water to give it a natural shine. Dilute one part of bleach with five parts of cool water. Rinse with clear water and buff it dry with a soft towel. Reinstall the window treatments that you may have removed when the window sills are completely dry and you are done!

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