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There are many mantel designs available out there and you may think that the different designs make it difficult to choose the best type of design for your house. Choosing the perfect mantel design for a fireplace is not a process that requires insight on a number of factors. Basically, the process of choosing is not difficult, once you have knowledge on what to consider when choosing. Here is a list of those factors:

1. Measurements

Having accurate measurements is very critical when deciding on the mantel design. This is especially helpful when purchasing a pre-constructed mantel or in the case of a custom made mantel. There are instructions provided in home improvement stores on how to measure the size of your fireplace. In the case of a custom-made mantel, the designer can take the measurements for you instead.

2. Design of the room

Another important factor that should be considered when choosing the perfect mantel design is the current design of the room. It is important to consider this to avoid having conflicting themes in the room. If the décor of the room is traditional then you can ask the designer to create a traditional design for you to compliment the room. For custom-made designs, you can get ideas on the perfect design from your designer. You can choose to have curved corners or straight and tight corners on your mantel.

3. Various shapes and sizes

Mantels come in various shapes and sizes. They are also made of different materials such as wood, stone, granite or marble, others are a mixture of these different materials. The choice of material to use should be based on the current décor of the room. Different materials work better with different types of walls. If you intend to use your fireplace, the type of material used should be durable.

4. Function

People have mantels for different reasons and these reasons are important when choosing a mantel design. Some people hang a mantel without a fireplace in order to create architectural interest in the room. However, the design of the mantel does not necessarily have to fit into any strict decorating standards.

5. Window shop

Before settling on a mantel design, you should ensure you look at different designs to ensure you get the best for your room. You can look at various designs online or walk to different shops. This variety allows you to envision the perfect mantel design for your room. You can have a custom-made mantel with details as you wish.

Installation of the mantel can be done by the designer in the case of a custom-made mantel or by a local company, which provides installation for its customers. Therefore, this is another factor to consider when choosing a mantel for your room.

Finally, when the mantel has been installed, you can choose a fireplace screen to accompany it in case you do not have a fireplace. In most scenarios, this comes as part of the package together with the mantel. Choosing the perfect mantel design for your room is easier once you remember the above tips.

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