Homeowners have many unique preferences these days on how they want their house to look like. Some like it modern and contemporary; some want it to look like a futuristic house in a Sci-Fi film while others prefer it looking sweetly whimsical with a quaint accent. If you fancy a quaint style for your house and want it to look like a beautiful cottage in the countryside, there are many design ideas you can utilize. Here are 7 ideas you can use:

Antique roofing tiles

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Remember, the roof is the first thing that people see when they approach your house. You will get a big quaint thumb-up if you opt for antique roof tiles. The ones from France are particularly good as these French terra cotta tiles bring them a unique old-world charm, beside being really durable and requiring minimal maintenance. If you go for antique roof tiles, make sure that you request to see sample photos first so that you can decide on your color preference for your roof.

Hanging racks

You should include hanging racks in different areas of your house for a tint of quaintness in your house. These hanging racks can allow you or your visitors to hang up their coat or hats, and one of these in your house entryway will surely add to your quaint design.

Interlocking pavers

For the little path that leads to your quaint house, interlocking pavers are a must for your consideration. Think of their purpose to resemble natural flagstone, and you will see how easily they will blend into your natural environment.

Traditional kitchen

Go for the traditional Bavarian kitchen look and use wood as the main material for the flooring in your kitchen. You can also opt for the open shelving concept to make it look more like a cottage. Make sure that you use matching antique lamps to complete the quaint decor!

Cottage windows

Whether you are looking out or looking in, using cottage windows will add the quant factor to your interior decor. It is essential that you have cottage casement windows in your bedrooms besides your living room so that your whole interior design theme is kept constant.

Fireplace and fireplace mantel

If you are really into the quaint look, you will know how important it is to include in a fireplace and mantel into your living room. These architectural elements will be the focal point of your living room and going for traditional custom carved mantels will be a winner for your quaint decor.

Natural stone exteriors

For the outside of your house, you can certainly add an air of elegance and quaintness by using natural stone for its exterior. This strong look will elevate the status of your cottage into a quaint old-world mansion. You don’t have to use natural stone for the entire exterior if budget is a concern. Try exercising this design tip for keystones and door surrounds – you will find a cost effective way to add that old world charm to your house!

Well, these design ideas are sure to help your house look quainter but one important tip is to work with a contractor who knows their way around quaint houses. I can assure you that not many contractors today can carry off this quaint factor to perfection so do talk to those who specialize in this design type.

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