If you are helping to design your own home you will want it to be perfect for its main purpose i.e. living in, and you will want to be proud of the way it looks; these are the two fundamentals that home owners want from their property. Architects are paid to look at the practicalities and to make your dream come true, so you can be a bit more relaxed in your approach. When you are thinking about the impression your home will have on visitors you will need to think about the first impression. When your visitors approach you will want them to be hit by a wow actor. Here I have written some ideas about how best to induce that wow feeling in anybody who approaches your home.

1volkman fam   Stone Carving

The Front Door

Any building of note that you see will have an impressive door. It is the threshold to your home and will be seen by absolutely everybody; therefore you should make it as impressive as you can. Unfortunately size does matter here, but it is the overall impression is what you are after. There are some absolutely beautiful examples of doors that you can find on the internet, and having a bespoke door made for you is easy if you supply a picture or an idea. It is worth remembering that no matter how big or impressive the design of your door is the finish to your door is vital. Whether stained, varnished, or painted, the finish should be of the highest quality. A plain door with a flawless finish is easily as impressive as a highly crafted door that looks old and tattered.

Stone Surrounds

Now you have decided on such a great door, why not set it off in the perfect frame? You can always have the doorframe constructed from the same material as the door itself, but to give a real impression of class and workmanship there is nothing like stone framework. It is a fact that even a dull painting can be brought to life with the correct frame, and the same can be said of a door. You should also consider the practicality of using stone as your door surround. Stone will stand the test of time, and if you use limestone as your surround it is capable of handling changes in temperature and weather conditions.

Front Lawn

Never underestimate the impact a well laid out and cared for lawn can have. You will find that people who hate gardening will still be impressed by a beautiful lawn, and having one for visitors to pass through as they approach your home will have them subconsciously approving of your homes design before they even step through your beautiful front door.

These suggestions may not be for every home, and a double door surrounded by a stone frame may be too austere for some people. However the idea holds true for every property; you need to make a good first impression. Personally, I believe you can use these suggestions for a small bungalow or a mansion with equal effect, why not try them yourself?

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